Wonder Woman


It’s Wonder Woman’s Day in my household – the hair says it all and then some – My mom is an amazing cook, baker, she keeps our home clean, hip, and creative, she has an amazing green thumb, she can dance like no other and has influenced my taste in music since i was little, she loves my dad and us girls and all of our relatives so much, she gives the stongest advice, and is absolutely stunning. Hands down, my mom is the greatest woman to ever breathe life into this world. Happy Mother’s Day. 🌻
And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there and even those who are no longer with us. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and are the reason we are all here today. Love your mothers! 👸

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I have finally watched the film Maleficent (thanks to my three year old niece) and i couldn’t be more moved or more empathetic towards the entirety of it. Getting into it, i was unsure how the movie would take place, unknowing that it would lead up to the exact story of Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty). As Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie) grows, her heart turns cold when her young love leaves her and the kingdom of the Humans and the Fairies (and other mystical beings) fight to the death. Maleficent is bitter in feeling that all humans are evil and that she must stand up for her people and for herself, as this is all she has left. When the Human’s kingdom gets driven off by the Fairies, their king is near death. His final command is that someone avenge him and demolish the “winged creature”. Whomever can step up, will become the great Successor and hold the throne. It just so happens that Stephan (Maleficent’s childhood love) knows who this creature is and seems emotionally torn between the throne and his heart, but greed gets the better of him. Stephan finds Maleficent and ultimately fools her into love. He takes advantage of her and she Maleficent wakes in the morning, alone, her wings have been torn off of her. Leaving her vulnerable, self-conscious, and broken-hearted – once again. The moment Maleficent realizes what has happened to her, an incredibly moving performance, by Angelina, takes place and you can almost feel the hurt and the individuality that has been stipped from the fairy. Wow.
Eventually, Maleficent will not hide away in her sorrow when she sets out to make something happen, and ultimately finds a crow captured by a peasant. She turns the crow into a human and he is freed from the net. This character then becomes Maleficent’s eyes and ears of all the land – spying of “King” Stephan. News about a baby being brought to the world by the King and his Queen arrives and as we know the story, during the Christening of the child, a curse is bestowed upon the child bada-bing bada-boom: a death sentence to young Aurora. Maleficent spends all of her years watching over, coincidentally like a God Mother, Aurora and the Fairies she was sent to live with. An interpersonal encounter between Maleficent and young Aurora occurs and this makes Maleficent very uneasy. As she has lived a life of spite towards the Human’s and love itself, she sees the innocence in the eyes of young Aurora. Ultimately, when the two cross paths again, Aurora feels that with Maleficent, is where she needs to be. They spend their days together and Maleficent grows fond of the beauty and grace of Aurora, as if she was her own daughter. The irony of the story comes in when a young prince meets Aurora and fancies her greatly. To be continued…

I’m not wearing a bra

Why have women been forced into thinking that a bra is a mandatory article of clothing. T-Shirt and a bra.
Sweatshirt and a bra. Tank top and a bra.
But why? Our bodies are what our bodies are. We are all naturally beautiful and oh-so lovely. But why do we feel that we must wear a bra. Why have we been succumbed into the feeling of insecurity without one. When our breasts don’t look perfect or perky – why is this “wrong”? The shape of a nipple through a shirt is nothing to be ashamed of. This is every day life for the male population. Why must we be any different? I’m sorry, are we distracting you? Men come in all shapes and sizes too and have larger chests and body fat that hang in all of the same places – but no matter what, we seem to be the topic for discussion on what is “inappropriate”.

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I wanted to until I didn’t

I have always bitched about the idea of wanting to be a boy. How much easier life would be. How much more fun i could have – that was socially accepted. How simple i could look – all the time. How normal it would be. Counting all of the reasons why being a male seemed so much better.
Reason #26
Reason #78
Reason #211
Reason #6,54…
I wanted this until i didn’t.
I have realized that being a female has truly made me who i am today – physically, emotionally, independently, confidently.
I believe that if i was a male, i would not have the knowledge, the fragility, the love, and the view on life that i have today.
I wouldn’t be me without this.
I wouldn’t care enough to stand up for female rights and the universal issues that i do abide by today.
I wouldn’t care for as many people and for the way i wish women to be viewed – as i do.
I simply wouldn’t be as conscientious and as beautiful as i am, as a female – inside and out – if i wasn’t one.
I wanted to trade my life until i didn’t.

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every day

I’ve never told you that I love you
I’ve never said it aloud
But I tell you every day
It’s in my eyes, in the palms of my hands
It’s my arm out in front of you before we cross through traffic
It’s my hands against the shape of your face
Looking at you too long when the air is still and the world doesn’t mind
It’s the friction of my hand rubbing the surface of your back
My lips against the flesh between your thumb and your wrist
Making sure the sheets cover your heels when you don’t mind at all
Pressing flowers from you in my favorite book
The itch to feel sun rays in the morning and moon beams in the evening – your head down to your toes placed firmly on the ground beneath it
Lips against your forearm veins
You hear it every day

I don’t commit that easily

I don’t read about a variety of religious teachings and ways of life in order to commit to one. If I am reading up on Paganism or Buddhism or Christianity – I am on a faint journey to find what is not only relatable to my individual perceptions, but to form a more spectacular and creative way to view life (whether i believe in the teaching or not).
Personally, I have always found it impeccably hard to wrap my head around the idea of religion and how many millions of people “know” who is in charge of this world that spins madly. I have pushed myself to see all walks of life but I myself may never pick one of the many sides that continues to do more harm than nurturing to society as a whole.
I don’t commit that easily.