I wanted to until I didn’t

I have always bitched about the idea of wanting to be a boy. How much easier life would be. How much more fun i could have – that was socially accepted. How simple i could look – all the time. How normal it would be. Counting all of the reasons why being a male seemed so much better.
Reason #26
Reason #78
Reason #211
Reason #6,54…
I wanted this until i didn’t.
I have realized that being a female has truly made me who i am today – physically, emotionally, independently, confidently.
I believe that if i was a male, i would not have the knowledge, the fragility, the love, and the view on life that i have today.
I wouldn’t be me without this.
I wouldn’t care enough to stand up for female rights and the universal issues that i do abide by today.
I wouldn’t care for as many people and for the way i wish women to be viewed – as i do.
I simply wouldn’t be as conscientious and as beautiful as i am, as a female – inside and out – if i wasn’t one.
I wanted to trade my life until i didn’t.

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