I’m not wearing a bra

Why have women been forced into thinking that a bra is a mandatory article of clothing. T-Shirt and a bra.
Sweatshirt and a bra. Tank top and a bra.
But why? Our bodies are what our bodies are. We are all naturally beautiful and oh-so lovely. But why do we feel that we must wear a bra. Why have we been succumbed into the feeling of insecurity without one. When our breasts don’t look perfect or perky – why is this “wrong”? The shape of a nipple through a shirt is nothing to be ashamed of. This is every day life for the male population. Why must we be any different? I’m sorry, are we distracting you? Men come in all shapes and sizes too and have larger chests and body fat that hang in all of the same places – but no matter what, we seem to be the topic for discussion on what is “inappropriate”.

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