Step One: Give Love and Your Garden Will Thrive, Right Down to the Roots

I need self love as if I have never pretended to understand the meaning of love before.
Toppled books, piling up  upon walnut shelves like I know the meaning of growing.
Growing a careful niche of green leaves and prepossessing blossoms behind rows of woody stems of rosemary.
Freshly pressed between the lungs  and I am trying not to breathe because trying to inhale a new satisfactory feeling of tenderness in this town lasts but a moment.
And it just isn’t enough time; enough time to revive warmth back into these hands so that I can grow too.
And confront all of the ways to simply not fall apart.
To trust myself in this body. I have been staring into this dull, ivory glint for several years like I know the meaning growing. 


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